COMMANDER 2UE Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports


Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports


Portable 2.5" eSATA and USB2.0 - Encrypted Mobile Hard Drives
The Rocsecure Commander 2 Ruggedized external pocket mobile hard drives are industry's most versatile, Real-Time AES Hardware Encrypted storage solution available. Commander 2, eSATA and USB2.0 interface drives offers security-sensitive users a wide range of NIST certified DES (Data Encryption Standard) and AES encrypted algorithms. Commander 2.5" ultra-slim drives are designed with AES-128 or AES-256 bit real-time hardware data encryption security performance which effectively intercept, interpret, translate and relay SATA data commands to and from disk drives in "Real-Time". Commander product lines are designed with new shock-absorbent Damper Strip protection. Rocsecure drives offer the technologies you need to keep you data secure and safe.

Secure Encrypted Mobile (Pocket) Hard Drives with USB Ports
Commander 2UE pocket drives deliver exceptional security, performance and reliability. Designed and engineered in the USA to meet the needs of the secure mobile data storage market, the Commander 2UE 2.5” external hard drive is compatible with both Windows® and Macintosh® environments.

Ruggedized, encrypted, secure, fast … : Commander 2UE contains one of the most secure encryption modes (AES-256 bits) and is both bus-powered and bootable. The new Commander 2UE, with key-token is a secure pocket drive that contains a fast high capacity 2.5” SATA drive with up to 3,000 Mbits/sec transfer speed and silent operation.

Design Technology:
Unprecedented in design, quality, size and ruggedness, the COMMANDER 2 series pocket drives are built to satisfy the most sophisticated users. The Commander 2UE, with its High Speed eSATA or USB, is cross platform compatible with Mac and PC Windows®.
The new design anti-shock chamber and shock-absorbent casing protect the drive against impact damage, accidental drops and bumps to prolong product life and protect data integrity.

Wide Range of Applications
Operating with Mac OS, Linux® and Windows®, these external drives offer storage capacities ranging from 250GB to 500GB. In addition to encryption security, users can quickly back up or archive valuable data, large video files and digital photo collections. The bootable feature allows the user to boot, access and operate all programs and data via any another computer under the same OS environment.


Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports

Special Features:

  • Pocket size external storage drive
  • Incorporates SATA Hard Drive
  • USB and eSATA connections
  • Speeds up to 3,000 Megabytes per second
  • Enhanced with new shock-resistant mechanism, despite its small size
  • Cross-platform compatibility (Mac or PC)
  • Includes all necessary cables and software

Capacities: 500GB , 750GB, 1TB
Rotational Speed available with 5,400 or 7200 rpm
Interface: eSATA and High Speed USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible)
Transfer Rates: eSATA up to 3,000Mbit/s and USB up to 480Mbit/s
Dimension: ~ 5 x 2.27 x 0.75 inches or ~125 x 75 x 20 mm   
Weight:  ~ 8 ounces (.22 kilograms)

System Requirements
Mac or PC computers with eSATA or USB (1.1 or 2.0)

Apple: PowerPC or Intel processor
PC: 266MHz or faster Intel or equivalent processor

Recommended Memory: 512MB RAM

Operating System requirements:
Apple: Mac OS 9, X, Leopard, Snow Leopard or higher
PC: Microsoft®, Windows®, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Power Requirements: USB Bus Powered



Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports

Technical Specifications

capacity: 500GB 500GB 750GB 750GB 1TB 1TB
part number: C220K5-56 C220K7-56 C220M5-56 C220M7-56 C220P5-56 C220P7-56
rotational speed: 5400 rpm 7200 rpm 5400 rpm 7200 rpm 5400 rpm 7200 rpm
interface: USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible) and eSATA
transfer rate:

eSATA up to 3,000 Mbits/s and USB up to 480Mbits/s

connectors: USB 2.0 port x 1
eSATA port x 1
Key-Token ports x1 (Digital Secure key)
dimensions(HxWxD): ~ 5 x 2.27 x 0.75 inches or ~125 x 75 x 20 mm  
system requirements: Mac and PC: USB 2.0 (1.1) or eSATA port(s.)
Mac: PowerPC or Intel Core Duo processor
PC: 266Mhz or faster Intel or equivalent processor
OS requirements: Mac: PowerPC or Intel processor running Mac OS 9, X, Leopard, Snow Leopard or higher
PC: Microsoft® Windows 2000, Me, XP, Vista, Windows 7
recommended memory: 512MB RAM
power requirement: USB Bus Power
warranty: 2 year limited warranty
2 year unlimited toll-free telephone tech support

external hard disk drive
Carrying case  
Quick installation manual
USB "Y" cable
SATA cable
3x Key-Tokens

Specifications and appearance are given as guidelines and may change without notice.
Capacity Disclaimer:
Actual accessible hard drive capacity will indicate up to 10% lower than stated under different Operating Systems and formatting. Therefore, a 500GB capacity drive will show up as a 450GB drive (approximately.)
* Benchmarked with Intech Bench Test v3.5. Drive capacity might vary depending on Mac or PC format.


Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports

COMMANDER 2, 2.5" Portable Enclosure Design

How does the Commander 2, 2.5” Enclosures Design Help Protect Your Hard Drive?
The safety-centric mechanical design of Commander 2, 2.5” enclosures provides critical hardware protection features including:

Secure shock-absorbent Mechanism
The full-length bridgeboard provides additional protection by supporting the entire length of the hard drive. Integral rails hold the hard drive chassis firmly in place eliminating stress on the bridgeboard and preventing damage due to impact or violent movement.

Shock-absorbent Protection
The shock-absorbent dampers strip between the bridgeboard and chassis offers additional resistance against accidental drops and bumps. The disposition of the hard drive and housing profile form an anti-shock chamber to cushion the blow of potential impacts.

Thermal Protection and load-bearing case
The precision density of the RUGGED ALUMINUM case provides excellent heat dissipation and is strong enough to bear external weight.

Patent in progress.


Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports

How does COMMANDER Encrypted External Hard Drives Protect Your Data:

Q: What security technology does Commander External Hard Drive adopt?
A: Several security schemes are popularly employed to protect data including:
Password Security – This basic OS/Software solution blocks unauthorized data access by requiring a password. While this may be adequate for a coffee break, this form of security is very easy to bypass.
Biometric Security – This form of security requires a combination of a unique physical characteristic, such as a fingerprint, retinal scan or vocal signature. While more secure than simple password security, it can be circumvented too, leaving unencrypted data at risk. Biometric security also requires a substantial hardware investment and additional administrative burden.
Hardware Security – Hardware Security is by far the most thorough, cost-effective, and easily implemented form of advanced security.
Rocsecure – Commander external Drives use Hardware base Security, performed by eNova’s X-Wall MX, to provide reliable security for your stored data. Every bit and byte on the hard drive is strongly encrypted by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). There is no possibility that clear text will remain on the hard drive.

Q: What is Hardware Based encryption?
A: Encryption is a sophisticated mathematical calculation (or algorithm) combining a “Secret Key” and clear text. The resulting “cipher text” is an unreadable code that can only be decrypted with the original “Secret Key”. The hardware encryption, performed by eNova X-Wall® microchip, delivers significant performance improvement over software encryption, works with every operating system found today, and requires no additional training to use. This encryption methodology protects your valuable data with minimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Q: What does encryption function?
A: X-Wall MX sits between the PCI Bridge and the device on the SATA interface. It intercepts, interprets, translates, and relays REAL-TIME, commands and data to and from the disk drives, encrypting the data with AES-128-bit or AES-256-bit key strength. The following illustration best describes how the security chipset functions.

Q: What is the Secure Key and why use it?
A: The Secure Key is a physical key that contains the “secret key” necessary for encryption and decryption operations. The hard drive must be partitioned and formatted using the Secure Key the first time the hard drive is used. When complete, the entire content of the hard drive is associated with the unique Secure Key. Only a Secure Key containing the identical “secret key” can be used for authentication and decryption of the hard drive at power up.

Q: Do I need to establish a separate “encrypted folder” under file directory as required by some software solutions?
A: No. Everything you write to the disk drive is automatically strongly encrypted. There is no need to establish a separate “encrypted folder.”

Q: Does X-Wall LX increase the original file size after encryption?
A: No. AES is a complicated mathematical algorithm that computes the original data with 128 or 256 bit key length. Regardless of the size of the encryption key, the size of data file after encryption remains unchanged.

Q: Are Commander encrypted Drives compatible with all disk drive types?
A: COMMANDER encrypted Hard Drives are compatible with Ultra SATA/eSATA compliant disk drives in real-time performance.

Q: Can Commander External Drives work with any operating system?
A: Commander External Drives require no device drivers and are independent from all operating systems. A host controller with a USB/SATA mass storage driver typically provided by the OS is required. The only requirement is an Ultra SATA/eSATA compliant disk drive.

Q: How do I know my COMMANDER Encrypted External Drives are really secured?
A: The AES hardware engine utilized by X-Wall MX has been certified by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. To review these certificates, visit the following NIST web links:  . These hardware algorithms are certified to provide reliable security; at full strength it is virtually impossible to access the encrypted data by guessing or deriving the right AES Key. Because everything on the disk is encrypted, your data is safe even if attackers try to boot from their own disk, or to move your disk to an unprotected machine.

Q: Can I remove the Secure Key while my PC is on?
A: Yes, you can remove the Secure Key for safekeeping after your operating system has fully loaded. Remember that the Secure Key MUST be used again the next time you power up your system. Note: The above X-WALL product information is property of eNova and is provided for informational purposes only. eNova retains copyright and ownership of all provided material regarding the eNova X-WALL MX.


Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports

eNOVA - X-Wall® MX

SATA to SATA Real-Time Full Disk Encryption Cryptographic Processor Protecting Sensitive "Data-at-Rest" with AES 256-bit Strength

Product Overview
The X-Wall MX family ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is the 7th generation of X-Wall Technology. It is engineered specifically to encrypt/decrypt entire SATA hard drive including boot sector and operating system in real-time performance. The cryptographic engine of the X-Wall MX is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.

How does it work?
X-Wall MX, an SATA to SATA cryptographic bridge chip, sits right in between host SATA and the device SATA hard drive, encrypting entire SATA drive with wire speed performance while providing up to 256-bit AES hardware strength.

System performance with X-Wall MX engaged is unaffected. X-Wall MX can be operated with SATA1.0a & 2.0 compliant disk drives with a sustained throughput of 150MB/sec. The performance-optimized AES hardware engine performs all encryption and decryption. There are no extra software components, eliminating entirely the memory and interrupt overheads.

X-Wall MX requires no device driver and is independent from and invisible to all known Operating Systems including embedded OS. As long as the drive is SATA1.0a & 2.0 compliant, X-Wall MX will work in the system. Once authenticated, its operation is completely transparent to all users. There is no complex GUI involved therefore your regular computing behavior is unchanged.

Key Management
Commander Key Management with X-Wall M includes PIN/Password through Pre-boot authentication a USB type external key token.

Key Benefits

  • Offers wire speed performance at sustained 150MB/sec on all encryption strengths
  • Operating System independent
  • Provides iron-clad security through hardware-based NIST & CSE certified cryptographic AES engine
  • Simplify engineering design for security targets

As the entire SATA hard drive is encrypted, there is no possibility of any secret being left unprotected on the drive, including password and "Secret Key." In an X-Wall MX protected system (drive), there is no simple way to read the data without the right "Secret Key." Only YOU have the right Key to unlock your data.

The X-Wall MX technology is compatible with all system designs incorporating SATA hard drive technologies


  • Power-On-Self-Test (POST) ability to ensure product reliability
  • Versatile Key Management through either serial interface or built-in API (Application Programming Interface)
  • 100% hardware AES (ECB mode) cryptographic engine producing a sustained 150MB/sec wire speed performance
  • 80-pin TQFP small form factor
  • RoHS & Lead-free compliant
  • Very low power consumption at less than 350mW at 1.8V under constant burst mode

System Requirement

  • All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Linux OS with SATA support
  • All embedded OS with SATA support
  • SATA1.0a & 2.0 compliant hard drive


Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports

Product Images

COMMANDER 2UE Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports

Click on small images to enlarge.

COMMANDER 2UE Top View COMMANDER 2UE Top View with key COMMANDER 2UE Angle View


Secure Encrypted Ruggedized Mobile Hard Drive with eSATA and USB ports
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